Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Retreat Center

12 day Ayahuasca Master Plant Dieta Retreat

The transformational jungle setting of Caya Shobo helps guests to enjoy a deeper immersion into the medicine in our 12 day stays

With Peru’s leading Shipibo Maestro & Maestra Onányas and our highly experienced Western facilitators

12 Day Master Plant Dieta: Caya Shobo’s signature retreat.

The Caya Shobo 12-day Ayahuasca Master Plant Dieta retreat is our recommended option for those who have worked with the medicine before.

This longer stay offers a deeper immersion into the sacred plant medicine traditions of Shipibo Amazonian shamanism. Experience the healing Icaros and meet the Maestros in their home environment – at a beautiful, conveniently located center just outside Iquitos, in the heart of Peru’s Amazon.

Caya Shobo Shipibo Onanya Healers

What is a ‘Master Plant Dieta’ ?

Ayahuasca is considered to be the “Grandmother" of the plant medicine world. Essentially there are thousands of potential plants, flowers and tree spirits under her guidance, and these plant spirits are which the Maestros can call upon to assist in the healing process for a client.

In the Amazonian Shipibo tradition, shamans are initiated and trained into the world of Ayahuasca healing only when they open ‘diet’. When a shaman has completed an isolation diet on a particular plant, is it considered to be part of their knowledge to draw upon.

Each Master Plant Dieta completed is akin to a Shaman reading a new book about a plant spirit. Apprentices in the Shipibo tradition are required to complete years of training before working with participants in ceremony.

Guests will be able to open the process of ‘Master Plant Dieta’ – considered a much more intensive journey with the plant spirits.

With 7* Ayahuasca ceremonies during a Caya Shobo 12-day Ayahuasca Master Plant Dieta Retreat, many of our participants find they experience powerful personal insights and a deep physical cleansing during these transformational ceremonies. With everything provided for you, you can relax and immerse yourself in the retreat experience, knowing that you are well supported and safe to explore the benefits of this ancient medicine tradition.

The Caya Shobo gardens are filled with local plants and flowers used for dieta

Ideal location. All Inclusive. Integration support.

Approximately 25 minutes Mototaxi ride from the International Airport of Iquitos, Caya Shobo offers All-inclusive packages, highly trained Maestros and Western plant medicine facilitators, comfortable, secure accommodations, delicious Ayahuasca appropriate meals and Wi-fi service.
We also now offer online integration support to assist you after your retreat experience.

Please note if you are planning on visiting us for a twelve day stay even if you have visited us before; you will still need to follow our Preparation Guidelines and complete our online Medical Questionnaire before attending.

Iquitos Airport, Peru
Iquitos airport is conveniently located approximately 25 minutes Mototaxi from Caya Shobo. Flights come direct from Lima and other major airports throughout Peru.

12 DAY Ayahuasca Master Plant Dieta Retreat OPEN-DATE RETREAT PRICING*

We welcome you to stay at Caya Shobo to receive Ayahuasca Healing, Master Plant Dieta and other Plant Medicine Treatments according to your own schedule.*

Open up to an understanding of the spiritual realms, discover some key insights into yourself and your deeper healing needs.


Please choose from one of the following dates:


MARCH 15-27, 2021: AVAILABLE

APRIL 12-24, 2021: AVAILABLE



  • 7* Ayahuasca ceremonies with high-level Shipibo Maestro Onányas and expert Western facilitators
  • Daily plant therapies (repote sinus flush, clarifying eye drops, flower baths, etc)
  • Discussions with Maestros, ongoing support from expert facilitators
  • Accommodation in standard room with private bathroom (shared with 1 other)
  • Dieta-friendly meals – special dietary needs easily attended to
  • Wi-fi internet in common areas
  • Expert support and care (and translation) from experienced Western facilitators (English, Russian, Spanish)All of our facilitators have a deep understanding of this medicine path, personally undertaking long-term master plant dietas regularly
  • Post-integration assistance delivered online via our ZOOM monthly support calls
  • Private Facebook Dieta Community
  • Referral to expert psychological support as needed. 

Private Isolation Jungle Tambos are available for an extra $15 per day however these can be booked months in advance. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like this option.

STANDARD ROOM (share with one other person)

Our standard room comes complete with private bathroom, hammock , storage and amenities to make the most out of your stay. Share with one other person.

PREMIUM AYAHUASCA (prepared on site)

Our Ayahuasca, Repote (sinus flush) and our master plant dieta  elixirs are all freshly prepared on site to ensure the best quality available.
Our highly experienced Medicine man Wilder is the expert behind the scenes. 
Ayahuasca preparation at Caya Shobo
A detailed labour process is involved
Ayahuasca in the final stages of preparation


All of our facilitators are highly trained and experienced dieters with most able to communicate in multiple languages including English, French, Russian and Spanish. It is a pre-requisite for us all of our staff are qualified and well-versed in working with the medicine, as well as areas including First Aid and safety. Having the ability to support our clients with their integration process throughout and after is a priority for us.

For more on the changes we have made at the center including specifics about our new Covid safety plans  and flexible booking options click here.

EYE DROPS (Albacilla)

Albacilla: eye drops used to assist participants to clarify eyesight and start the day fresh and bright after ceremony.

Participants are encouraged to take these clarifying eye drops daily to assist with clearer visions during ceremony and to enhance intuitive perception.


Refreshing aromatic flower baths are included in every retreat package. They are held three times weekly and provide energetic cleansing benefits to participants during dieta and Ayahuasca treatment.

Visitors are welcome to assist in the preparation of the flower baths if they desire.


All meals are carefully prepared in accordance with strict Ayahuasca dieta guidelines. Visitors receive three standard meals a day (apart from on ceremony days when two is standard), basic snacks in between meals and unlimited tea and refreshments.


Caya Shobo has several different relaxation areas and beautiful spaces available for guests to relax and integrate in between ceremonies.

Caya Shobo Dining Room
Caya Shobo lounge area


Caya Shobo has a beautiful lake within walking distance which visitors are able to swim/visit*.

*We usually recommend a small donation to the local family as a thank you gesture.

Guests swim in pond at Caya Shobo
Guests swim in the lake during rest time in between ceremonies.


We also have a variety of animals which live at Caya Shobo including our resident sloth.

Although he tends to keep to himself a lot of the time, occasionally he will make an appearance for photographs.

Caya Shobo’s resident sloth taking a quick nap


  • Flights or other transport to/from center 
  • Iquitos Airport/hotel pickup/drop-off is available
  • Massage/body-work from experienced therapists (see below for specialist services)
  • Perfumes, mapacho tobacco, dieta plant preparations available at affordable rates
  • Icaro blessed Agua De Florida from Caya Shobo Maestros
  • Specific food requests. If you require additional items such as almond butter or select items nuts we recommend bringing with you. Otherwise, you might be able to pick up additional supplies from Iquitos town on a rest day.


These are for participants who wish to have a more private experience. Recommended if you are on Master Plant Dieta.

  • Jungle Tambo – $1750

The view from one of the private tambos

Private Isolation Tambos can be provided if required

Tree House Tambo at Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center, Iquitos, Peru


  • Airport or Hotel Transfers
  • High speed wi-fi chip for your personal phone
  • Massage/Bodywork treatments with experienced practitioners
  • Day trips to plant and textile markets, or other adventures further afield such as Amazon river tours, visits to local animal sanctuaries


Please email us if you need more information about our Caya Shobo 12 day Ayahuasca Retreat stays .

LOCATION: Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center


ADDRESS: Carretera Iquitos-Nauta 14km
El Varillal
Loreto, Peru


Caya Shobo offers one of Peru’s most experienced and dedicated teams. 

We are the only western-operated Ayahuasca center endorsed by the Shipibo tribal council for the quality and authenticity of our master Onanya healers, our in-house brewed Ayahuasca and our traditional Shipibo plant medicine healing treatments.

About the leaders:

The Shipibo shamans have been working with Ayahuasca for centuries; all of our Maestros are highly regarded in the medicine community, hail from renowned Shipibo medicine families, and hold decades of experience with Shipibo plant dieta.

Arturo head_shot.jpg

Maestro Arturo Izquierdo Valles

Born in a small native community village down-river from Atalaya, Arturo started learning the medicine path at a very young age (under 10 yrs old). Both his mother and father are both Maestro Onánya healers of the Shipibo tradition. By age 18, while studying Teaching at university in Lima, Arturo was already holding healing ceremonies for his university professors.

Now 40 years old, we believe Arturo is one of the most talented young Shipibo Maestros working in Peru today. Arturo holds an advanced technical knowledge of Shipibo healing and medicine plant dietas. Read more…

We welcome you to safely embark on this remarkable journey of personal, spiritual & medicinal discovery with expert guidance and care from our highly experienced team.

Walter head_shot.jpg

Maestro Walter Martinez Guimaray

Born in the small jungle village of Nuevo Loreto, 3 hours boat journey from Pucallpa in the Imiria National Forest, Maestro Walter opened his first dieta at age 15, and learned the way of the medicine with his father. He is now 55 years old, and lives close to Caya Shobo with his wife and 5 of his children.  

We met Walter 4 years ago and immediately recognized his natural warmth and humility as a person, as well as his impressive capability as a Maestro healer. His beautiful, lower toned voice and variety of melodic Icaros… Read more…

Maestra Maricela Rios Inuma, Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Centre

Maestro Maricela Rios Inuma

Maestra Maricela was born in the Alto Ucayali river village of Roya, south of Pucallpa. Her father Nicolas Vardales is a well known Shipibo medicine man with a strong famileal lineage of medicine knowledge. At 13 years old, in receiving treatment for some serious health issues of her own, Maricela started to learn about the healing properties of Amazonian medicine plants. She continued dieting with different master plants until she started her learning path with Ayahuasca in her early 30’s.


Now 47, Maricela is an experienced Shipiba Maestra of high level. Read more…

Learn more about other amazing Shipibo Maestro and Maestra Onánya healers that share their traditional healing knowledge with guests at Caya Shobo during plant dieta retreat.

* Please note:

  • Confirmation of your stay at Caya Shobo is conditional upon review of your medical status, and may be subject to preliminary psychological evaluation. More serious healing cases may require a unique treatment and support plan or in some cases may not be able to be treated at Caya Shobo.  Please Enquire to discuss options for your particular healing needs. 
  • It is necessary to follow certain food restrictions during the time you are participating in Ayahuasca Ceremony and while taking prescribed Dieta Plants. There are also certain restrictions regarding social behaviour and private relationships. Please read both our Preparation and Integration instructions before you attend.
  • Women in the first days of menstruation are not able to participate in Ayahuasca Ceremony. During the first 2 days of your moon-time you will be asked to take rest from ceremony. We suggest you focus on connecting with your Dieta plants in quiet meditation.​  If your flow has significantly diminished by day 3, you may return to ceremony.  Please ask if you have questions about this restriction.

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Caya Shobo changed my life… My life-long depression lifted… So much other healing happened as well. I felt so loved and taken care of. I will be returning as soon as I can. Thank you Caya Shobo!!

Meredith Westfall