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Maestro Arturo sings Icaro to elevate energy

– Maestro Arturo sings Shipibo Icaro to elevate energy- 

– by Becky Griffin –

In many Amazonian medicine traditions, Icaros or healing songs are learned melodies passed down from generation to generation and sung by curanderos for different healing and protection purposes according to the ceremonial needs of the moment. For example in the Quechua tradition there are many beautiful melodies that inspire connection with animal and elemental spirits and with divine states of consciousness, that may be shared and learned by all.

In contrast, Icaros in the Shipibo tradition are unique blessings “received” by the maestros from the spirit of the medicine of Ayahuasca and other master plant spirits, that the maestro has “Dieted” with over many years of long, slow and arduous spiritual learning and advancement.

These special gifts of melody and poetry spring from deep spiritual connections forged between the curandero and the plant spirits, and become the sacred tools by which the maestro heals and transmits his/her power and knowledge to the patient’s body, mind and spirit. Knowledge that is often attained through many years of painful struggle, tears and finally courageous triumph over the challenges along this warrior’s path, to achieve the high levels of wisdom, love, compassion and immense technical skill required for true healing capability.

For these reasons, we express our deep gratitude to some of our maestros and maestras for sharing these short previews of their medicine, and we ask that you respect the precious nature of these offerings, and do not copy or distribute them in whole or part without written permission from Caya Shobo Healing Centre.

In gratitude.

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