Located 45 minutes from the historic Amazonian city of Iquitos, nestled in a gentle jungle rainforest setting, Caya Shobo is one of Peru's best-loved Ayahuasca centers dedicated to providing genuine Shipibo healing in a safe, nurturing and beautiful setting. 


We are the only western operated Ayahuasca healing center in the world to have received endorsement form the Coshicox (Shipibo, Conibo, Xetebo Tribal Council) as to the authenticity of our master healers and medicine offering in accordance with the true Shipibo plant medicine traditions. 


We work with a team of high level Shipibo Maestra and Maestro Onánya Curanderos who each hold a minimum of 15 years, and typically over 30 years of experience working with Ayahuasca and Shipibo plant dieta healing. Our entire team of facilitators and managers are deeply, personally engaged with the Shipibo dieta healing and learning process. Each facilitator is carefully screened and required to undergo years of training in Shipibo plant medicine learning and appropriate guest care before assuming responsibility of guest facilitation at Caya Shobo. 

Our team of healers have achieved profound results for our guests in treating numerous modern illnesses including depression, post traumatic stress disorder, certain cancers, and many other physical, mental and emotional ailments affecting the world's population today. Read more about Healing with Ayahuasca.

Caya Shobo offers a variety of Ayahuasca retreats and package stay options for guests to receive healing services throughout the year.  

Our regular weekly program schedule includes 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies per week, personalized plant dieta prescription,(for stays of 10 days or more) and other plant therapies such as flower baths, regular opportunities for private and group discussion with maestros and facilitators, educational classes and activities related to traditional Shipibo plant medicine healing and dieta. 


We welcome visitors of all ages and backgrounds who wish to experience the powerful healing benefits of Ayahuasca in accordance with the ancient traditions. Take a journey into an awakening of spiritual consciousness in the safety and care of experienced practitioners and the peaceful, secure environs of Caya Shobo. 

You can read more about past guests' experiences at Caya Shobo here on our Testimonials page or on a number of independent review sites, such as:


Caya Shobo means "House of Great Spirit". Our Vision and sincere commitment is:

  • To create a safe, secure and beautiful place for sharing this important ancestral medicine,

  • In harmony with nature, the local community and the time-honored ancient Shipibo traditions,

  • With carers who have genuine knowledge, experience and impeccable integrity in providing Ayahuasca and plant dieta healing,

  • To help each individual make meaningful progress in their healing and provide a high degree of personal attention and support,

  • With acceptance and understanding for the unique challenges, fears and issues that arise,

  • For every person on this sacred path, regardless of his or her personal history or past associations and actions,

  • With mindfulness of our responsibility to the entire community as well as to each individual.

Coshikox Shipibo Konibo Xetebo Council Logo

Caya Shobo is one of the only Ayahuasca Healing Centers in Peru to have received endorsement from the Shipibo Konibo Tribal Council as to the authenticity of our maestros and medicine offering in accordance with the true Shipibo plant medicine tradition.

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