– Ayahuasca & Plant Dieta Retreats at Caya Shobo –

Welcome to your plant medicine retreat at Caya Shobo. We are happy to share with you the remarkable healing power of the Amazonian plants and the incredible treasure of the ancient shamanic knowledge of the Shipibo people.

Our highest priority is to help you with your healing in a safe, beautiful and highly supportive environment.

We offer 12-day retreats which generously include:

  • 8 strong Ayahuasca ceremonies (although you are welcome to work gently with the medicine);
  • Personally prescribed Master Plant Dieta and other tailored plant treatments;
  • Comfortable, secure accommodation and delicious (dieta-friendly) meals
  • Wi-fi (in common area), laundry service, room-cleaning

See below for more information about our scheduled 12-day Retreats.

We will design a unique treatment program for you according to your personal healing needs and retreat intentions. Your treatment will be tailored to you based on the visionary insights and guidance from our master Shipibo Onánya healers as to the best plant remedies to help with your specific healing and learning process.

Our knowledgeable Western facilitators will be there to educate, translate, guide and support you throughout your stay and you will be able to connect with the experienced Caya Shobo medicine community for ongoing integration support when you return home.

We invite you to come to Caya Shobo and attend any of our listed retreat dates throughout the year (see below).

Alternatively, we also offer some special group retreat programs throughout the year, including our Women's Healing Retreat, the Visionary Artists Retreat, and our Private Plant Dieta Retreats.

See below for more information about our upcoming special emphasis Group Ayahuasca Healing Retreats.

Come and experience the medicine of Ayahuasca and enter a deeply transformative healing treatment in the way of the ancient Shipibo people in the safe, highly reputable, professionally-run Caya Shobo healing center.

To ensure availability, we strongly recommend making an advance reservation for your retreat stay at Caya Shobo.

Please Enquire to learn our recommendations for your particular healing needs.

*Please note: Confirmation of your stay at Caya Shobo is conditional upon review of your medical situation, and may be subject to preliminary psychological evaluation, and/or written doctor's approval. More serious healing cases may require a unique treatment and support plan or in some cases may not be able to be treated at Caya Shobo.

– Mastery of your own healing journey –

At Caya Shobo a key emphasis of our offering is to help you make a personal connection with the master teacher plants. We want to introduce the wisdom secrets of the Shipibo plant medicine tradition to enable you to heal and learn with the plants in a safe and beneficial way. With correct dieta knowledge and practice we hope for you to experience the noble gifts of this tradition for yourself.

We observe that a healthy medicine path is centred on your relationship with yourself, with the plants and their medicine teachings, and with your own appreciation of spirituality.

Master healers and knowledgeable teachers are here to help you along the way, supporting you as you traverse the often challenging processes of deepening self-awareness, purification and elevation of your mind, heart and physical energies.



Our most popular and recommended retreat, 8 powerful Ayahuasca ceremonies and personalized Plant Dieta will provide you a truly transformative and sustained healing experience in the way of the Shipibo medicine healing tradition.

With Peru’s leading Shipibo Maestro & Maestra Onányas and our highly experienced Western facilitators, you will receive:

  • 8 Ayahuasca ceremonies (with first-class in-house brewed medicine)
  • Personalized Diagnosis & Master Plant Dieta Prescription
  • Daily Plant Therapies (repote, flower baths, eye-flush, etc)
  • Expert integration support with skilled facilitators and Maestros
  • Discussion groups, plant medicine & dieta conferences, tours of medicine gardens & other activities
  • 12 nights Private Accommodation & meals, Laundry & room-cleanings
  • Private Tambo upgrade: additional $200 (total price US$2,795)

An immersive healing and/or learning journey in the traditional way of the Shipibo Maestro Onánya Healers.

Experience a deep cleansing and healing of body, mind heart and soul with expert support and guidance throughout your process.


Reserve your spot at one of our scheduled Ayahuasca & Plant Dieta Retreats below.

SEPTEMBER 18 – 30: FULL (Waitlist Only)





Please enquire for more information about extending your retreat stay or arranging your own private group retreat (minimum 8 guests).

If you are unable to attend these retreat dates, please let us know which dates would suit you best.

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*Prices shown are minimum amounts for standard rooms. Higher rates apply for longer stays, high-season periods and special private Tambo accommodations.







Rest / Social
(plant treatments continue)






Rest / Social
(plant treatments continue)


Rest Day
(no plant treatments)

Caya Shobo's weekly schedule during our 12-day programmed retreats is the same year-round*, with four ceremonies held each week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights, allowing a truly deep, intensive healing over consecutive nights, plus rest between ceremonies.

In attendance at each ceremony are high-level Shipibo Maestro Onányas supported by experienced facilitators.

Note that guests are welcome to attend ceremony without drinking Ayahuasca, to simply receive the healing icaros from the master Onányas and work more gently in your dieta healing process.

Guests who prefer to work more deeply with Caya Shobo's excellent in-house prepared Ayahuasca, may do so, in accordance with our experienced facilitators assessment of your readiness and experience level.

Your safety and well-being is always our first priority at Caya Shobo.

*Special holiday weeks such as Christmas and New Year have a reduced ceremony schedule, with prices discounted accordingly.


Your retreat stay at Caya Shobo is all-inclusive of:

  • Ayahuasca ceremonies with high-level Shipibo Maestro Onányas and expert facilitators
  • Daily plant therapies (repote sinus flush, clarifying eye drops, flower baths, etc)
  • Bi-daily discussions with Maestros, ongoing support from expert facilitators
  • Accommodation in standard room with private bathroom (shared with 1 other)
  • Dieta-friendly meals – special dietary needs easily attended to
  • Wi-fi internet in common areas
  • Laundry service
  • Translation support – English, Spanish and Russian is also available for specific retreats
  • Ongoing integration support from Caya Shobo's community of experienced facilitators and dieters. Referral to expert psychological support as needed.

Services available for a small additional fee include:

  • Airport or Hotel Transfers ($25 each way)
  • High speed wi-fi chip for your personal phone ($50 per 8 GB)
  • Massage/Bodywork treatments with experienced practitioners ($40 per hour
  • Day trips to plant and textile markets, or other adventures further afield such as Amazon river tours, visits to local animal sanctuaries (variable prices, from $50).

- Group Program Retreats* -

A wonderful opportunity for women to safely explore the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca and other Master Healing Plants with high-level Shipiba Maestras and experienced female facilitators.

  • 8 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Master Plant Dieta Prescription
  • Daily Plant Therapies (repote, flower baths, eye-flush, etc)
  • Regular discussion with Maestras and facilitators
  • Other special shared activities
  • Accommodation & meals, Laundry & room-clean

Receive profound support for healing of traumas and sadness, liberate and strengthen your spirit, deepen your connection with yourself and the master teacher plants.

Upcoming dates: FALL 2023: OCT 30-NOV 11, BOOK NOW

Please Subscribe for regular program calendar updates.

PRIVATE GROUP RETREATS: variable pricing

We are happy to help plan your private Group Ayahuasca and Master Plant Dieta Retreat at Caya Shobo.

We will work with you to design a special program of educational conferences and activities for your group, including for example:

  • Guided tours of Caya Shobo's medicine plant gardens
  • Educational conferences on Shipibo History and Cosmovision
  • Teaching about the Shipibo traditional path of apprenticeship
  • Field trips to beautiful jungle walks, river tours or sanctuaries

Enjoy a private medicine program designed especially for your own community of friends and clients. Connect with the broader Caya Shobo community and receive ongoing expert dieta integration support.

Contact us for more information about arranging your own private group retreat at Caya Shobo.

*Higher rates apply for special private Tambo accommodations


Please note that in order to ensure your safety and optimal benefit from your healing retreat stay at Caya Shobo, it will be important for you to follow certain preparatory dietary and lifestyle restrictions.

You can read more about the required preparation here.

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