Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Retreat Center


Testimonial Reviews from
Guests at Caya Shobo

“I am deeply grateful for the work done by Maestros Francisco and Raphael during my stay of 15 days. These nocturnal ceremonies were sometimes delicate to manage, but each time it was to better clean my thoughts or disturbing emotions. And in the end, I realize now, these experiences have opened my heart, my body and my mind to a better connection with the energies of life and nature. The work of the Maestros gradually breathed into my heart a real empathy for everything that lives and exists on this earth. (I prefer not to use the word love, which brings too many different connotations.) This journey, guided by these 2 Maestros leads me to more understanding by the heart, more clarity and calmness, and I think I understand better now the truth of the secret of the Fox for the little Prince: one sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.

I also note that Francisco’s energy massages and floral baths are an important accompaniment and a comfort in this journey. I still have to grow and fair grow this vision by heart because it’s also the most effective medicines to help people who come to see me in the office in order to be relieved: work continues! Finally, thanks to [Caya Shobo] team that is actively maintaining a clean place, preparing the plants with heart, offering healthy and varied food, and especially thanks to Julien and Katia, “facilitators” of the centre who are always attentive to ensuring our stay is in the best conditions. Un gran abrazo to all.”

Patrick, Island of Oleron, March 2016

“To whom it may concern, my stay at the healing centre outside of Iquitos was mid May of this year 2016. I have had one other retreat in Canada which was very inspiring for me to say the least, so the trip to Peru was going to be hard to comprehend as to what I may experience. After arriving at the airport, I was greeted by my driver who was a very kind gentle soul. He did his best to help me with my things and whisk me off to the Centre.

After arriving, I was shown my accommodations and settled in. The set up and organization of the retreat was well organized. The accommodations were basic but everything was kept very clean and well maintained. The food again was basic, but it was inline with the type of food that would give the participants the best results for the reason that we were here for……to experience Ayahuasca at it fullest in the jungle. There was always enough food and it was quite tasty considering again why we were there. The staff that were in charge of the kitchen were always friendly and very accommodating and again, the attention to cleanliness was always there.

My experiences with the ceremonies were beyond my imagination. The Maestros/Maestras were the most beautiful, caring individuals I have ever met. Their thoughtfulness, compassion and genuine hearts to do their utmost best came through in every ceremony, night after night. The work they did with me was humbling and life changing, I will forever be indebted to these people.

I got to know each individual person at the retreat. Everyone of them was more than happy to share their time and talents with me. I can not say enough great things about these people, they have become my family and I am humbled by their friendships.

In closing, I can not speak highly enough of my experience in Peru at this retreat, so much so that I am planning to go back early in the new year of 2017.

Tom B, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“I highly recommend this Centre to evolve in your healing. The Maestro shamans who work there and their families are humble, warm and friendly people. My experience has been profound and deeply transformative. At the end of the day, it was a healing process very difficult to live most of the time and to have a staff and a group like these around me in the Center allowed me to feel safe and confident during my stay there. I would still be there. This place feels more like home than anywhere in the world for me. I had other experiences deep in the jungle with different shamans that left me with a feeling of paranoia and fear. If it wasn’t for the Maestros, apprentices and the support of the staff, I don’t think I would have been so far on my healing journey. “I have a lot of work to do, the work remains infinite and go back to Baker again this year to go further in my learning and my diet.”

Stephanie, United States, February 2016

“I would like to share my last ceremony. It was like an explosion, very loud, and really, I heard that all spiritual practices have the same goal; showing us how, naked we are incredibly powerful, and how it is possible to get in touch with absolute space. But the Ayahuasca is the most powerful tool that we have to reach this knowledge in a short period.

For the last ceremony my intention was “to open my potential” so the effect started for me when Don Francisco started singing… For a moment everything stopped for me, there was nothing. Neither space nor time, I didn’t even have identity as a being human (physical), and beat of heart or breathing… I just felt how energy began to move upward in my spine in the neck region as an energy channel connecting me to the universe. Then, I heard that Don Francisco thumped on the bed of my neighbor, as “Heeey I’m here, and you are too” so I woke up. Then he came to me and began to sing his icaros for me… and I felt a very strong vibration between my eyes, as a new channel of energy that opened, I could smell it also physically and I had the vision of my body as being included in the circle of energy lines and I had a third eye on the forehead… I realized it was the key to open the door to absolute knowledge or life or to be… I was like a God, as a whole and everything was me, as if I knew everything, and they were like codes I cannot explain in human language, I was so far away. It was as if the medicine showed me what I could be, it is infinite, it is the place to start to learn. And when I came back to the physical world, I felt so weak, so that the material is just a small piece of what I can be, I was throwing up, and I felt better, it was really amazing, because the next day, I always felt the vibration between my eyes, and now again, not so sharp, but when I focused my attention I can feel it, as a gift for me to continue my way… “

Masha, Russia, Designer, March 2016

If you are in the path of transformation and healing Caya Shobo will be good for you. I had the honour to be at Caya Shobo working with the Maestro healers in a really safe and comfortable place where I received all the support and guidance for me to transform,

heal and learn about this path. If you are looking to heal and learn abouth this great work, this is the place to be. The location, services, food, translation and the experience that these people offer is of the higest quality. I personally recommend Caya Shobo. There are many other healng centers. This is one of the best. Trust your intuition. Many blessings on your path.

Marco S, Canada, Carpenter, April 2016

“My stay at Caya Shobo has been extremely beneficial and really magical. My body and mind feel so cleansed and strong after the ceremonies and the plant dietas. I feel re-invigorated and optimistic about returning to my family life. Thank you so much to Maestros Walter, Rafael and Arturo for your knowledge, your commitment, your amazing songs and your generous gifts of love and healing energy.

Thank you for showing me how to find courage to enter the heart of my traumas and start to claim my freedom and also my ancestors’.

Thanks also to the workers at the centre for creating such a beautiful, peaceful place to heal and grow. The gardens are so lovely, especially at night, the food was good, the room was fine, the flower baths were delicious. You are all very kind, sweet people. I also felt very well supported by Julien and Katy in processing my experiences and my dreams.

I highly recommend Caya Shobo as a wonderful place to receive healing.”

Laura W, Vancouver, Teacher, August 2016

A short note of praise to this Centre.

I have twice in the last two years, been to this centre for dietas, which are an important part of my healing path. As a retired combat soldier, I have had a lot of healing to do. :]

A dear friend, teacher and healer, is now one of the new owners of Caya Shobo. I had the pleasure of sitting with him and his wife this past weekend. As well as sitting with the medicine, we had an opportunity to discuss this centre and their vision.

I was thrilled to hear Don Walter was staying on. ( I love that guy! ) As well as Don Francisco, Arturo, and Donna Maricela. Such beautiful people, that work so hard, so gently. I was glad to hear the support staff will remain in place, with Julien running the show. I was also very happy to hear that the vision remains on healing.

There are many places to experience the medicine. Very few that have the Maestros to do strong healing work.

I will be back as part of a group from Canada in February, to sit with my friends, and find more beauty in myself.

Doug, a man finding the music