Medical Terms

If you make a reservation or a payment to participate in our Retreats, Services or Support Services, you agree to our Medical Terms unless it is stated that other terms apply.

We strongly recommend that you have full travel insurance and health insurance coverage for the duration of your participation in Caya Shobo retreats or other services.


These Medical Terms form part of our Terms and Conditions agreement. In this agreement the meaning of the following terms is defined in our Terms and Conditions agreement: Retreat, Support Service, Services, Caya Shobo Representatives, Reservation, Medical Questionnaire.

While we cannot eliminate all risks involved with travel or participation in our Retreats or Services, here are some of the key points to consider and ensure:

  1. You acknowledge that travel and participation in our Retreats or Services carries risks, including but not limited to risks associated with ingestion of the entheogen known as ayahuasca and/or other plants, risks associated with change of dietary habits such as fasting or other dietary changes, and/or risks associated with adhering to the recommendations, guidance or other information we provide which pertains to your physical, mental or emotional well-being. You acknowledge that you are participating willingly, and in knowledge of these risks.
  2. You acknowledge that your participation in our Retreats or Services, which may involve ingestion of plant preparations, including but not limited to ayahuasca, may be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually demanding. You understand that you may experience dizziness, nausea, fatigue or other physical upsets including vomiting and diarrhea. You accept full responsibility for anything that may occur including emotional disturbance, mental disorientation and any and all possible manifestations of physical, emotional and mental change.
  3. Subject to points 4) and 5) below, you acknowledge that our Services are aimed at assisting people to make changes in their lives and achieve their defined goals. You have the ability to give your informed consent, and you hereby give such consent to any Caya Shobo Representative who is facilitating the Retreat or Service to assist you in achieving such goals.
  4. Notwithstanding point 3) above, you acknowledge that our Services are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical health or mental health conditions, and do not constitute professional medical health care or professional mental health care, nor are they a substitute for such care. You agree not to use our Services in place of any form of therapy which has been prescribed or instructed by your professional medical advisers and/or mental health advisers.
  5. You recognize that we do not provide medical advice. You also understand that Caya Shobo Representatives are not acting as medical professionals or mental health counselors. You acknowledge that Caya Shobo Representatives may offer recommendations, guidance or other information before, during or after your participation in our Services, that is meant to ensure your safe participation in our Services and to assist you in making changes in your life but that these recommendations, guidance or information does not constitute, or act as a substitute for, medical advice or medical care, nor professional mental health care.
  6. You acknowledge that you are aware that there may be medical contraindications to ingesting Ayahuasca or other plant preparations offered by Caya Shobo, and that the list of substances contraindicated includes, but is not limited to SSRIs, SNRIs, pain medications, cold and sinus medications, decongestants, nasal sprays, hay fever medications, diet pills, heart medications, amphetamines, MDMA, e-cigarettes and other drugs and substances.
  7. You agree to full disclosure in writing (by filling in our Medical Questionnaire and communicating any updates of your medical information in writing to Caya Shobo), before participation in our Services, of any mental health or physical health conditions, any drugs, medications or supplements (prescription, over the counter, or otherwise) that you have taken in the past 12 months, any disability, pregnancy, or any other physical and/or mental condition, or any recent changes to any of these which may affect your participation in our Services, including any instructions you are following from professional medical advisers. You assume all responsibility for any consequences for incomplete or false information in your Medical Questionnaire responses or in your other communication with us. You understand and acknowledge that Caya Shobo reserves the right to determine if you are eligible to participate in our Services. If we believe that your health or safety is at risk or if you have failed to disclose any illness, injury or any previous or current medical or health condition or reason that could potentially impact your ability to participate in our Services, this may result in our refusal to accept your participation in all or part of our Services without refund or compensation.
  8. If you have any food allergies or dietary requests you agree to notify us in writing upon making your Reservation. If you have not received written confirmation that we can meet your dietary requests and you are unable to consume the menu offered, we will not be able to offer alternatives. If you choose to not attend or not continue your participation in our Service in this circumstance, no refund will be given and any costs for early departure must be met by you.
  9. You agree that you are responsible to inform your medical adviser/s of your intention to participate in our Retreats or Services and of any recommendations we have made to you regarding how you should prepare for safe participation in our Retreats or Services.
  10. You accept that you will remain at all times fully responsible for your own health and well-being. And you agree that should you have any concerns regarding your health, diet, medication or any medical condition or mental-health condition that you will seek the advice of your qualified medical adviser/s.
  11. You agree to comply fully with any and all health and safety policies introduced by Caya Shobo, and subject to all other points in this Medical Terms agreement, you agree to adhere to any and all preparation and safety instructions that Caya Shobo specifies, including for example abstinence from any contraindicated substances, supplements or dietary ingredients. You understand and acknowledge that Caya Shobo requires adherence to specific dietary restrictions when preparing for and during participation in our Services.
  12. You agree to cover all costs for any extra services or extra care that you may require during your participation in Caya Shobo’s Retreats or Services, including but not limited to special healthcare or medical attention or evacuation costs. You agree to assume responsibility for all costs associated with any damage caused by you to property or persons of Caya Shobo, Caya Shobo’s Representatives, any other customers or any visiting consultants.
  13. You acknowledge that you are medically and physically fit and able to use our facilities or participate in the Retreat or Service in which you have a Reservation and you certify that you do not have any mental or physical condition or disability that would create a hazard for you or other participants.