– Caya Shobo Maestro & Maestra Onányas –

We are extremely selective when it comes to choosing lead Maestros and Maestras to work with us at Caya Shobo. We work only with the most senior and accomplished of Shipibo Onányas, all who come from renowned healing families and have a minimum 15 years experience working with the true Shipibo master plant medicine tradition.

With respect for their tradition and their privacy, here we offer short descriptions of our experiences working with these amazing teachers; our impression of their character and quality as true friends.

We welcome you to come and experience for yourself their knowledge and way of living.

Maestro Walter Martinez Guimaray
Shipibo Maestro Onánya
Meeting Walter you immediately recognize his natural warmth and humility as a person, as well as his impressive capability as an experienced Onánya Maestro healer. His beautiful, lower toned voice and variety of melodic Icaros can transport you....

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Maestro Pedro Pacaya
Shipibo Maestro Onánya
Maestro Pedro was born in the 1940s into a small nomadic Shipibo-Conibo tribe that moved throughout the lower Ucayali region in Peru. As a young man he suffered the loss of his first infant child to disease, and this tragedy inspired him to embark on what has become a lifetime of....

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Maestro Arturo Izquierdo
Shipibo Maestro Onánya
We believe Arturo to be one of the most talented young Shipibo healers working in Peru today. In his powerful voice, his beautiful melodies, his vitality, and his calm, self-possessed presence we see a person who carries the legacy of the ancient knowledge of his people...

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Maestra Lucinda Mahua Campos
Shipiba Maestra Onánya
Immersed in the medicine world her entire life, Maestra Lucinda is the eldest daughter of renowned Shipibo Onánya Maestro Pascual Mahua Ochavano, born in the Shipibo village of Paoyhan or 'Water of the Pearls' on the banks...

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Maestra Maricela Rios Inuma
Shipiba Maestra Onánya
Maestra Maricela is a highly experienced Shipiba Onánya curandera and Raomi herbalist. Born in the Alto Ucayali river village of Roya, Maricela's father Nicolas Vardales is a well known medicine man with a strong family lineage of medicine knowledge. At age 13, in receiving treatment for some serious health issues...

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Onánya Miguel
Miguel is a highly experienced and internationally respected Ayahuasca Curandero from Chile, who began working with Amazonian plant medicine healing in 1997. He initially studied with renowned indigenous maestros in the Quechua-Lamista and Mestizo traditions in Peru....

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Maestro Francisco Vasquez
Shipibo Maestro Onánya
Francisco (or Pancho) has been working with the Shipibo medicine path since his early 40's, and is now in his late 60s.  His beautiful Icaros are sung in the more traditional and deeply poetic 'Shirobehua' style, where his energy of happiness and hopefulness radiates out to eclipse... 

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Onánya Orlando Gonzales Saldaña
Shipibo Onanya
Orlando also hails from the famous family Mahua. His great-grandfather Manuel Mahua was renowned as one of the most powerful Onánya shaman in the entire history of the Shipibo tribe. Trained by his grandmother Manuela, Orlando...

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Maestro Fernando Levi
Shipibo Maestro Onánya
Fernando Levi, also born in the village of Paoyhan, is the grandson of Pascual Mahua, and, like his father, his grandfather and many generations before him, he has inherited the Shipibo name “Sani Piko” which means “The Great Medicine Men.”  This legacy of ancestral knowledge and...

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Onánya Rafael Garcia
Shipibo Onánya
Rafael was born into a family of Ayahuasca Curandero Medicos in the Shipibo village of Santa Rosa de Dinamarca, 5 hours journey by riverboat to the south of Pucallpa. Growing up immersed in the world of Ayahuasca, he observed his parents and the men and women of his extended family ...

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Maestro Onanya Pablo Bardales
Shipibo Maestro Onanya
As a teenager, Pablo felt the call of the medicine, but without access to knowledgeable teachers in his own family or community, he pursued his own learning path with Ayahuasca in the way of the ancient Shipibo Maestro Onanyas - by entering the jungle alone and following...

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At Caya Shobo we also work with other Shipibo Onánya Maestros, Maestras and curandero healers from time to time.

Check out our Ayahuasca Retreats for more information about our program teams of healers, facilitators and other plant medicine healing experts.

What is an Onánya?

In the Shipibo tradition the term “Onánya" (or Onáya) means healer that uses magical songs to heal.  

Each Onánya has his or her own ‘Knowledge Dieta' and personal way to work with the medicine of Ayahuasca and the master plants. This is a secret treasure developed over many years of discipline and personal sacrifice. 

In general the Onányas prefer not to have the details of their learning path publicly revealed or recorded.

Listen to Icaros

We express our deepest gratitude to our Onanya Maestros for sharing these special healing icaros that spring from their spiritual connection with the medicine plant spirits.  

We ask that you do not copy or distribute these recordings in whole or part without special permission from Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center. 

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