Navigating the plant medicine healing path can be challenging and confusing at times. So can life, for that matter!  Our experienced facilitators are here to provide helpful, compassionate support and guidance along the way, and to share their insights from their many years of experience working with Shipibo plant medicine knowledge.


If you are preparing to visit Caya Shobo and try Ayahuasca or Shipibo Master Plant Dieta for the first time and feeling the need for assistance as you clear old supports from your life (such as anti-depressants, recreational substances, addictive activities, etc), it may be highly beneficial to discuss what's coming up for you with one of our experienced plant medicine facilitators.  They can help you understand how the plants will help and also give in-depth preparation guidance to ensure you get the most from your upcoming retreat. 

Or if you've already visited Caya Shobo on Plant Dieta retreat and returned home to confront the challenges of integrating the benefits of your healing treatment; or have returned home with an open "Social Dieta" and are seeking guidance or support, a session with one of our experienced plant medicine ​facilitators can help you to better understand your experiences in the context of your ongoing plant medicine healing process, and help you develop clarity on good choices and strategies for your future.


Caya Shobo's facilitators are experienced with helping guests with a range of topics, including:

  • Discipline of food, supplement and lifestyle

  • Relationship, work or family problems

  • Other emotional difficulties

  • Dieta dream/vision interpretation

  • Plant Dieta tools and techniques

  • General day-to-day challenges in Plant Dieta or in life,

and will refer to other specialists where more focused health and lifestyle support is required, such as Nutritionalists, Coaches, Psychologists and other medical and relevant professionals. 


Caya Shobo's Integration Forum group on Facebook is a place for sharing of conversation and mutual support during the plant medicine integration process after a retreat at Caya Shobo and in our shared quest for greater healing and spiritual understanding on the Shipibo medicine path. Members are welcome to post questions to facilitators or hear from other experienced students of Shipibo dieta and plant medicine healing. 

Newcomers are also welcome (with acknowledgement that the guidelines for forum participation will be observed).  


Also, our lead facilitators regularly host group Plant Medicine Integration Q&A Chats (attended via the Zoom meeting app). Upcoming chat dates can be found posted on the Facebook Caya Shobo Integration Forum

Please note that recent guests of Caya Shobo's retreat programs are welcome to attend their first Integration Q&A chat for free. Other attendees are invited to please submit a donation to help compensate the Host Facilitators' time, energy and many years of personal discipline and focused study to develop their knowledge and wisdom of Shipibo plant medicine. 


Paid private counselling support services services are offered separately to Caya Shobo's regular retreat packages. Each facilitator offers their time and expertise at different hourly rates. We welcome you to learn more about our Plant Medicine facilitators and their session rates below.  

Becky (BSc, M.Fin)

One of the co-founders of Caya Shobo, for the past 12 years Becky has immersed herself in a path of self-discovery and learning in the Shipibo plant medicine tradition. She has dieted many Master Plants under the guidance of high-level Shipibo Maestro and Maestra Onányas and supported many others on their own journeys of healing. For the past 6 years, Becky has served as an apprentice curandera of the Shipibo tradition.

"My own search for greater meaning in life and supporting others who have felt a similar calling, has shown me that there are many unique pathways for healing. Certain key commonalities do exist - we each must find our own true self beneath the marks of trauma, stress and confusion of our lives. Through learning to build respectful relationships with the master teacher plants, we may earn their gifts of greater clarity, purification and strength in our lives, and the courage to truly follow our heart's wishes. With these powerful endowments, I have seen that it is possible to step-by-step transform our lives and embrace a more full, flourishing expression of ourselves in greater harmony with all of life.

I believe that healing encompasses a revitalization of all aspects of how we relate - with ourselves and with all that we come into connection with in the broader scheme of life. The Shipibo medicine path and the master plants are living wonders from an ancient world. They can reconfigure sick and debilitated energies into more healthy, vigorous forms; and thus heal our bodies, hearts and minds. We are living in a time on Earth which calls for each of us to embark on a journey of transformation, realize our potential to live in more harmonious balance, and truly share our gifts and strengths. 


Helping others to gain insights into their own process of becoming, and sharing my humble understanding of the plants, is undoubtedly the most meaningful work of my life."

Becky is available for audio & video sessions by phone or Skype at the following rates:

  • Short 45 mins consult: US$125

  • 90 min counselling session: US$235

Email Becky to arrange a plant medicine guidance session by phone or Skype.

Jen (BA, MFT)

Jen hold's a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UCSC and a Masters in Somatic Psychotherapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her specializations include working with those needing help integrating different states of consciousness as a result of entheogenic encounters, as well as those in spiritual emergence and spiritual crisis.

Jen's approach is holistic, relational, and body-centered. Her work draws from her training in somatic psychotherapy and the Hakomi method, a mindfulness-based technique.


"Each person is a unique and precious individual to be honored, respected, and treated with kindness. Each one of us has the capacity to heal from the inside out. I see the body, mind, and spirit as pieces of one whole, and consider each to be an integral part of the therapy. Given the optimal conditions, we naturally will move toward healing and growth. Like a flower, we each have the potential to blossom. 


Real healing can occur through developing a secure, solid, safe, and grounded relationship. From that place of connection, the seeds of growth can take root. We come alive when we feel connected to ourselves, to others, and to the world. 


Helping to guide people through their own organic processes of healing is a passion of mine.  We work to recover that sense of wholeness in you. Together we clear the way for you to walk your own unique life path with joy."

Jen is available for in-person therapy sessions in the East Bay area of California, and also for audio & video sessions by phone or Skype, from a rate of US$150 per 50 min session (with some flexibility for patients dealing with significant financial constraints).

Connect with Jen through her website:


Miguel is an experienced and highly respected Ayahuasca Curandero from Chile, who began working with Amazonian plant medicine healing 21 years ago. He initially studied with renowned indigenous maestros in the Quechua-Lamista and Mestizo traditions in Peru and Brazil, including Don Jose Campos, Ronnie Rengifo and Don Solon Tello Lozano. In 2008, when confronted with the challenge of healing his own respiratory problems, he discovered the depth and potency of the Shipibo medicine tradition and since then has primarily focused his shamanic healing work on utilizing the knowledge, power and tools of this tradition.  Miguel is one of the co-founders of Caya Shobo.


"People often ask me questions about how to Diet, how to get the most benefit from Dieta.  

For me the correct question is not how but why we diet.  


On the path of personal transformation you will come to confront many questions and much incomprehension about your process.  Ultimately the most important understanding is that change needs to happen.  


Little by little as you proceed in the journey of Dieta, your questions will be answered. Learn to stay present and observe the energies and thoughts arising. You are dieting to be able to better understand and transform yourself. "

Miguel is available for audio and video sessions by phone or Skype. 

His rate is US$175 per hour.

Email Miguel to set up a session.

Lia Light

Lia has a background in community support work with many years of experience supporting people dealing with physical, cognitive, and mental health challenges. Over the past 2 years, she has split her time between providing support and facilitation services to guests at Caya Shobo, and living on the West Coast of Canada where she is now studying acupuncture and continues her community support work. She is also a certified yoga teacher (Hatha/Vinyasa RYT 200 hrs), and offers classes when she is at Caya Shobo. 


Having faced some profound health issues in her life, Lia was drawn strongly to plant medicine both by a life-long connection with nature, and deep need to find personal healing. She first sat with the medicine in 2014, and immediately felt like she was coming home. Soon afterward, she opened her first Shipibo plant dieta and has since been following the vegetalista medicine path, doing dietas, both for personal healing and for learning/apprenticeship.


"The medicine path opened a door to profound healing and personal growth. 


Prior to starting on the Shipibo path, I had, for many years, been living with a very difficult situation,  both emotionally and physically. While I had made some huge progress over time using a variety of healing modalities and other tools, my healing was incomplete, and I was stuck at a point of 'accepting that which I could not change.' I believed that my life was simply one that would always include painful limitations. 


My first dieta was very powerful. It cleared away things that I never thought could be cleared. It opened a door to great beauty and dramatically changed how I showed up in the world. It wasn't easy. There are no quick fixes here, and the plant medicine path isn't linear, but I have never done anything more worthwhile.


As a facilitator, I now have the immense privilege of playing a part in the healing journeys of others. I know every person comes to this with their own unique gifts and powerful inner resources to draw on. The determination to take the first step on a healing path is really all that is needed to set things in motion. I am absolutely honoured to offer what I can, especially what I have learned in the last five years diving into the plant medicine world, to support others as they take their own journeys into deeper awareness and healing".

Lia is available for audio and video sessions by phone or Skype. 

Her rate is US$70 per hour.

Email Lia to set up a session.

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Caya Shobo is one of the only Ayahuasca Healing Centers in Peru to have received endorsement from the Shipibo Konibo Tribal Council as to the authenticity of our maestros and medicine offering in accordance with the true Shipibo plant medicine tradition.

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