Time to Transform your Life?

“Life is a process of becoming… Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” Anais Nin

Undergoing the experience of major life transformation is an essential spiritual aspect of the human condition. Although difficult to believe when faced with the frightening prospect of loss, a life lived without passing through the metamorphosis of radical change is a life only half lived - the sleepy caterpillar never fully evolved into the radiant butterfly it was destined to become.

A variety of catalysts can bring us to the imperative for transformation. A crisis such as relationship break-down, loss of a loved one, illness or injury; psychological overload - anxiety, depression, loneliness, addiction. Or perhaps an inexplicable urge to discover a deeper sense of meaning in life, a greater vision than material wealth by which to guide our lives.

“Materialism is a value system that emphasizes wealth, status, image, and material consumption. It keeps us wedded to external measures of accomplishment for a sense of self.”

Madeline Levine, The Price of Privilege

Whether healing through crisis or seeking more of a sense of belonging in life, Transformation begins with turning in. Like the caterpillar entering its cocoon, a period of solitude and quiet reflection is required to begin to clearly examine our feelings, patterns, and attachments - to understand the roots of our “dis-ease”, how we found ourselves where we are today, why we act and react and see things the way we do.

In isolation we can also start to recall our essential qualities - forgotten dreams, talents and capabilities that may have been buried under a lifetime of obligation or fear. A beautiful seed of self-belief germinates within and like the imaginal cell within the butterfly’s chrysalis, there is an awakening to the understanding that we can and must follow our true desires, regardless of the outcome. By constraining ourselves to anything less we do not fully honour the truth of who we are, of what our spirit wishes our life to be. Such denial becomes a slow death of the soul. If we can step toward our deepest dreams without heeding the fear of failure, our spirit releases a cry of triumph into the universe which echoes back and strengthens our resolve to carry on.

However, the process is never guaranteed! Solitude and reflection are critical, but so too are powerful guides and aides to help along the way. As the Shipibo Onanya healer’s have intimately understood for thousands of years, there exist Master Healing and Teaching Plants that can facilitate the necessary stages of transformation (shedding, purification, dissolution, re-imagining and re-creation) and bring us into more harmonious relation with ourselves and all of life.

For example Ayahuasca, the mysterious and powerful vine from the heart of the Amazon can reveal buried demons residing within as she uncompromisingly demands that we see the truth of who we are and why. And, like the most tender and compassionate mother, also reminds us of the wondrous essence of our loving souls and delivers the gift of self-confidence to shed the past and dive into the beautiful unknown.

And hundreds of other Master Plants known to the Shipibo for their unique healing and teaching qualities - such as Bobinsana which can open the dreams and clean child-hood trauma, Pinon Colorado to clear and repel parasitic energies, Ajo Sacha to invigorate and teach better boundaries in relationships, Marosa for healing sadness and building a resounding self-love, and so on.

“Three capacities—self-awareness, intelligence, and the search for meaning that have erroneously been ascribed as belonging only to human beings, are in fact general conditions for every life-form."

Stephen Harrod Buhner

It is fascinating beyond description to discover the sentience of the Master plants and the unfathomable riches of wisdom and healing power they have to share. With experienced practitioners who deeply understand how to connect with this knowledge through Master Plant Dieta, it is possible to dramatically reconfigure old thought patterns, clean emotional distress and modify our core cellular structure to restore vital physical health and wellbeing.

We welcome you to embark on the journey of transformation with the Amazonian teacher plants for yourself, with the care of advanced Shipibo Onanya healers at the beautiful, safe Caya Shobo healing center, in the heart of the Amazon jungle, just 25 mins from Iquitos airport.

Join us in Master Plant Dieta Retreat in one of our Group Retreats or come alone at any time of year. We will be happy to help you with your search for healing and a more fulfilling life.

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Caya Shobo is one of the only Ayahuasca Healing Centers in Peru to have received endorsement from the Shipibo Konibo Tribal Council as to the authenticity of our maestros and medicine offering in accordance with the true Shipibo plant medicine tradition.

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