Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Retreat Center

Dawn Lyon

I stayed at Caya Shobo in February 2018. It was beautiful. I experienced a lot of resistance in the beginning, taking myself outside everything I knew, but through the retreat process I can truthfully say I experienced so many gifts and massive shifts! I am so grateful for the facilitators, other members of the retreat, and all the curanderos and workers. Everyone at the centre is so warm, open and compassionate. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to live so close to the wild land; to unwind, decompress… And re-ground; re-connect to Gaia, to feel nurtured in her arms. I also loved the Shipibo traditions and being immersed in their ancient herbalism knowledge, reestablishing my connection to the plant world. Every night I was carried to sleep by the sounds of the jungle and the heat and humidity completely cleansed my skin. I also enjoyed having a roommate. The food was so nourishing. Leaving Caya Shobo was bittersweet, but since coming back home I have opened up so many new perspectives in all aspects of my life. I now have a new fire in my heart, one that had been diminishing over time, and a new found love for life. Infinite gratitude