Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Retreat Center

Franziska, BC, CANADA

If you are serious about healing and learning with plant medicine this is the place to go. Caya Shobo is a center with high integrity that focuses on helming and learning through their strong medicine, powerful and friendly curanderos and knowledgeable western staff that will support you in whichever way you need. I have stayed here twice for a retreat and am planning on many more visits. You cannot express what happens here with words, lets just say it is transformational, mind blowing and hard work at the same time.


The food is amazing and fresh, it is so beautiful to work with your personal jungle plants, once prescribed for your healing and freshly prepared every day, flower baths and the beautiful community that gathers here year round. I completely trust the people that run this centre and have witnessed them deal with difficult situations a multitude of times in very professional ways. This place is safe, warm, transformational and beautiful in every way. Can’t think of a better environment for personal work. I look forward to my next visit!