Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Retreat Center

Freddie, California

The wisdom healing practice which takes place at Caya Shobo is deeply rooted in the way of the Shipibo, who likely carry the oldest tradition of Ayahuasca use on the planet today. The Shipibo are the Masters of the plants; and the Maestros and Maestras who work at Caya Shobo are the highest carriers of medicine and wisdom of any human beings I have witnessed by far.

I had experienced six Ayahuasca ceremonies beforehand, but upon opening plant dieta at Caya Shobo my experience with Ayahuasca and my understanding of the world of the plants and my relationship to them immediately underwent a radical transformation. This was on a level beyond anything I’d experienced by any entheogen in my entire life. The incredibly skilled and dedicated shipibo Maestros and Maestras at Caya Shobo was nothing short of miraculous and life changing.