Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Retreat Center

Tom B, Canada

I can not speak highly enough of my experience at Caya Shobo. My experiences with the ceremonies were beyond my imagination. The Maestros/Maestras were the most beautiful, caring individuals I have ever met. Their thoughtfulness, compassion and genuine effort to do their utmost best came through in every ceremony, night after night. The work they did with me was humbling and life changing.

The staff were always friendly and very accommodating. The set up and organization was done well. The accommodations were basic but everything kept very clean and well maintained. The food again was simple, but it was inline with the type of food that would give the participants the best results for the reason that we were here…to experience Ayahuasca at its fullest in the jungle. I can not say enough great things about these people, they have become my family and I am humbled by their friendships.