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Tranquil Oasis

Caya Shobo is a beautiful 9 hectare property nestled in the gentle Amazon rainforest just 15km from Iquitos, 20 minutes drive from Iquitos airport. Flowering gardens & attractive ponds are surrounded by birds & other jungle wildlife. Safe & tranquil, the center has pleasant walks & lagoons nearby.

Comfortable Rooms

Comfortable, spacious, clean accommodations can host up to 11 guests including 6 large size standard rooms with private bathrooms, and 4 stylish hard-wood Tambos (shared bathroom) located deeper in the jungle for a more immersive jungle experience, perfect for isolation master plant dieta healing & learning.

Maloka & Medicine

Our gorgeous Maloka is a 40ft traditional ceremonial structure where Ayahuasca ceremonies are held. Guests are welcome to meditate and practice yoga in the day. Plant Medicine and Massage Huts, Flower Bath cabins and lovely Plant Gardens surround.

Wi-fi & Chill Zone

The large open-spaced dining hall has a lovely chill-zone with an attractive outlook on the ponds and gardens. Here you can access wi-fi and chat quietly with other guests. Sometimes the maestros and maestras like to hang out too, or present their artisanry for sale.


Every day our in-house chef prepares a variety of delicious Ayahuasca-friendly and Dieta-friendly meals with freshly bought ingredients from Iquitos markets. Breakfast typically includes oatmeal pancakes or eggs, fresh fruit salad and yummy 'chapo smoothie' (with sweet platano manzana). Lunches include a variety of dishes to suit different preferences, including salads and other vegetable dishes, doncella or boquichico fish, or locally-sourced chicken. We don't include wheat products in our meals, and we are happy to accommodate other special dietary requirements. Please let us know when making your reservation.  

Caya Shobo is off-grid, and therefore not connected to a municipal supply of potable water. In our showers and sink taps the water comes from our own lagoon which is fed by a constantly running stream. This water is not potable, and may sometimes be discolored with natural sediment that is stirred up with rain. It is safe for showering and washing hands. For drinking water, we buy filtered water from an Iquitos supplier who we consider to have the best quality and best tasting water in the area. 


Caya Shobo also has its own medicine plant gardens and in-house pharmacy where plant medicines and cleansing flower baths are prepared by Wilder, our resident expert medicine plant pharmacist. 

We source most of our plant products fresh from our own medicine plant gardens, or for more unusual dieta prescriptions we always source from highly reputable local suppliers.

Our potent Ayahausca brew is known as amongst the best you can find in Peru. We always work with either Ayahuasca Amarillo or Ayahuasca Cielo vine, fresh chacruna, and pure filtered water.

Wilder prepares Marosa Tea for a guest entering Dieta with this Master Teaching Plant.


There is also a massage hut, and lovely outside bath huts for administering of flower and vapor bath treatments in absolute privacy (as well as private bathrooms in most rooms).

Guests enjoy energetic cleansing flower bath at Caya Shobo's flower bath hut three times a week.

 Caya Shobo is home to two ponds, and a short walk outside the center brings guests to a local swimming lagoon perfect for a cooling dip in its still, pure waters.


And Caya Shobo's sandy walking paths, lined by flowering medicine plants are a well-loved feature of the retreat center.


Many visitors to Caya Shobo ask this question – should I go for a standard room with a private bathroom or stay deeper in the jungle in an isolation Tambo? First of all, you should know that all the accommodations at Caya Shobo are humble. Spacious and clean, but simple and appropriate to the medicine work. Here is more information to help you make your choice.


There are 7 standard rooms at Caya Shobo, situated alongside one another. These are spacious adobe/concrete structures located altogether – each containing a double bed and ample personal space, plus a small private bathroom all to yourself. 

The rooms are located just a short walk from the dining hall, the Maloka and the general walking paths which are continuously maintained against the vigorous growth of the jungle.

Most guests who have never been to the jungle before and may be feeling tentative on their first trip tend to choose a standard room. They are also priced slightly lower relative to our Tambos.


There are 4 Jungle Tambos at Caya Shobo, all isolated a little deeper in the forested areas of the property. These are very tranquil spaces made with beautiful hard-woods and walled with mosquito netting for a more immersive jungle experience.

Each Tambo has a generous amount of space for 1 guest and contains 1 double bed (also covered with mosquito netting). There is no private bathroom, but a shared bathroom is located near the Maloka.

Typically more experienced guests who are returning to the jungle and are comfortable with the night-time jungle walk will opt for a Jungle Tambo. They are ideal for isolation Master Plant Dieta work. Due to popular demand, they are also priced slightly higher relative to the regular rooms – see Book Now for more information.

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