Caya Shobo is a beautiful 5 hectare property nestled in the Amazonian rainforest just 15km from downtown Iquitos.  The gentle jungle ambience is accompanied by local birdlife song and insect rhythms. 

With accommodations to host up to 25 guests, Caya Shobo also has a large 40ft maloka (circular ceremonial space) and large open-spaced dining room with attractive outlook onto a small private lake and flowering gardens throughout the property. 

Caya Shobo also has its own medicine plant gardens and in-house pharmacy where plant medicines and cleansing flower baths are prepared by our resident native plant pharmacist.

There is also a massage hut, and outside showers for administering of flower and vapour bath treatments (as well as private bathrooms in most rooms).


At Caya Shobo our standard accommodation offering is a bed in a double room (shared with one other). Each double room has its own private bathroom. These simple adobe/concrete structures are designed to allow airflow and coolness in the jungle heat, while also providing excellent protection from the elements and insects. The rooms are situated close to attractive ponds, gardens and common dining and ceremonial areas.

Or if you wish to be more secluded you can request to stay in a private Tambo (isolated hut) in a denser jungle area at the rear of the property. With the Tambos you give up the luxury of a private bathroom but gain the feeling of of being completely alone and immersed in the jungle ambience.  

In total we have 20 beds in 10 shared double rooms at Caya Shobo, plus 4 private tambos.  All beds are standard double size. 


Security personnel are also in attendance on a 24x7 basis, discreetly patrolling the property to ensure the safety and security of all at Caya Shobo.

Guests are asked to please be respectful of other visitors' need for quiet and rest during their healing retreat. 

Talk to the Caya Shobo administration about your preference and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Coshikox Shipibo Konibo Xetebo Council Logo

Caya Shobo is one of the only Ayahuasca Healing Centers in Peru to have received endorsement from the Shipibo Konibo Tribal Council as to the authenticity of our maestros and medicine offering in accordance with the true Shipibo plant medicine tradition.

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Flower bath Caya Shobo Healing Cente

Flower bath Caya Shobo Ayahuasca Healing Retreat Center