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– Planning Your Visit to Caya Shobo –

Covid Travel Update

Peru recently re-opened its borders to international visitors. It is now possible to enter Lima without quarantine but you must present a negative PCR-RT covid test that has been issued within 72 hours of your departure flight for Lima. (Note that the requirement is for the negative result to have been issued less than 72 hours before departure, but the actual test may be conducted before this time limit.).

You will also be required to submit an affidavit confirming your health status before entering Peru.

See the Peruvian Consulate page in your country for more specific details.  (eg. http://www.consulado.pe/es/Sevilla/Paginas/Coronavirus-(COVID-19).aspx)

Please also note you will be required to wear a double mask on your flight to Lima and when flying domestically within Peru. We recommend bringing your own masks, in case they are not provided by the airlines.

Airport updates and likely changes to travel

For live updates regarding Lima airport regulatory changes, please visit https://www.lima-airport.com/eng

Travel Insurance

We always recommend travel insurance for a visit to the jungle and especially during a global pandemic, insurance is essential. Especially as some countries are requiring proof of comprehensive insurance in place before admitting entry, (although Peru is not requiring this at this stage).

We also recommend booking flights directly with the airlines if possible, so you can benefit from new flexible change policies, or alternatively only reserving your travel through reputable agencies (see below).

Covid Protocols at Caya Shobo

A number of new safety measures have been introduced at Caya Shobo in accordance with local and national regulations and in the interest of protecting our guests, resident staff and community. These include much reduced passenger numbers (maximum 11 guests which is down from our historic limit of 24 guests), private room accommodations for each guest, more space for physical distancing in the maloka and other gathering areas, individual drinking glasses during ceremony, wearing of face masks during transport to/from the center, frequent disinfection of physical spaces, and hand sanitizer available for use by workers and guests.  

More details will be provided as safety protocols are updated.

Flights to Iquitos

To arrive at Caya Shobo you first need to come to Iquitos either by boat or plane. Iquitos is a city surrounded by the Amazon, Nanay and Itaya rivers and is unreachable by land.

Our recommendations for airlines that fly to Iquitos from Lima are, in order of preference:

  • Latam Airlines, which has the most reliable schedule and most comfortable planes but is typically the priciest option
  • Star Peru which is a little less reliable and is a bit tight on room, but generally has better prices
  • Peru's new budget airlines Sky Airline and Viva Air offer very low prices with basic planes. Note that standard prices don't include checked baggage or seat allocation.

Direct flights to Iquitos are also available from Panama City with Copa Airlines, although these are less regularly scheduled than flights from Lima.

Flights to Lima

To get to Lima, we recommend searching on the major flight search sites in your area, and then compare prices directly with airlines.  (Where prices are similar we recommend purchasing from the airline as it is often easier and cheaper to make itinerary changes.)

Some search engines we recommend as having good prices and options:

Note: Please ensure that your departure flight from Lima is at least 2 hours later than your scheduled arrival into Lima from Iquitos, or longer if you are flying StarPeru.

Hotels in Lima and Iquitos

Most international flights arrive into Lima late at night, so you may prefer to stay one night in Lima before heading up to Iquitos. If you're just planning to get some sleep before flying to Iquitos we recommend staying in a hotel close to the airport (see some suggestions below). If you have a few days to stay in Lima we recommend staying in the safe, touristy area of Miraflores or the more bohemian Barranco District. We recommend looking on hotels.com or bookings.com for a hotel that suits your budget and taste.

In Iquitos city:

  • Casa Morey
  • Victoria Regia
  • Nativa Apartments

Close to Lima Airport:

  • SM Hotel
  • LimaQ Hotel
  • B&B Cusing Wasi

In Miraflores, Lima:

  • Hotel Andesmar
  • Casa Suyay
  • Casa Andina

AirBnb.com also has lists a lot of properties in these areas, and can be a good option especially when you are travelling in a group.

NOTE: In general in Peru, be sure to check that your hotel room matches your booking choice, and if not, ask to be relocated to another room.

Taxis in Peru

In general we recommend arranging an airport pickup with your hotel before you travel, which is usually not expensive and saves you the hassle of arranging ground transport when you arrive in Lima. Or you can catch an authorized taxi from the airport. This link gives some tips on how to do this: www.lan.com/10-tips-taking-taxis-lima-peru-airport-edition/. Taxi Green is popular – they are just outside customs before the airport exit door in Lima.

In Iquitos it is very convenient and affordable to get around in 3-wheeled moto-taxis that are easy to hire outside the airport or anywhere in the town of Iquitos. A ride to Iquitos from the airport will cost around 50 soles. In general in Peru we recommend you confirm the price of the taxi trip either before or as soon as you get in the car.

Caya Shobo is also able to send a driver to collect you from your hotel or airport. Please see our book now page for up to date price information. We strongly recommend this service as our drivers are familiar with the location of the center and can be trusted to keep you and your belongings safe. Please be sure to let us know your hotel address or flight arrival details if you would like this service.

Before You Leave Home

Medical Information:

Please make sure that you have sent us your completed medical information form. And, please update us if you have any new information regarding medications you have taken recently or new physical or mental health issues.


Please pay your full account for your stay at Caya Shobo by credit card using our online booking, or please enquire about paying by Bitcoin or International Bank Transfer.

If you wish to bring cash with you for additional purchases (such as massages, artisanry, plant perfumes, mapacho tobacco, etc), please be sure to bring pristine USD bills from your bank – the slightest tear or mark will cause your bills to be rejected by most Peruvian retailers and banks.

You can withdraw additional USD and Peruvian Soles from ATM machines in Lima or Iquitos. It is good to have some Soles to pay for taxis, restaurants and other small items.

We recommend notifying your bank and credit card company that you will be travelling in Peru, and also find out what is your daily cash withdrawal limit.


At this time vaccinations are optional. There is some risk of Malaria in the Iquitos/Loreto area. If you choose to take anti-Malarial pills we recommend Malarone (Atovaquone and Proguanil) or Larium (Mefloquine). Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for more Health Information for travelling to Peru.

Dietary Preparation:

For information about required dietary restrictions and suggested changes to your daily activities, go to Prepare for Ceremony and Plant Dieta at Caya Shobo.

What To Pack

    • Face masks: Please bring a personal supply of a few comfortable face masks that cover the nose, mouth and chin. Also you will need your own personal face shield.  You will be required to wear both a face mask and face shield during all of your flights to Peru and within Peru and also at certain times during your arrival and stay at Caya Shobo (in order to comply with local regulations).  
    • Clothes for the rainforest: Choose for protection from mosquitos, especially during the months of November through to April – long sleeve, light weight shirts and pants made of light, breathable fabric. Mosquitos can bite through tight-fitting clothing, so it is best to have a light-weight baggy over-layer. Shorts or skirts are fine for the hotter times of the day when the bugs are not so bad, or in the cooler months of April to September.
    • Shoes: that cover your feet are a good idea (like basic sneakers). Although most of the time you will probably prefer a sturdy pair of flip-flops or river sandles. Bring long light-weight socks for wearing during ceremony.
    • Rain protection: a light-weight rain jacket or rain poncho is essential.
    • Mosquito repellant: we recommend bringing a good quality mosquito repellant cream or spray as they are not easy to find in Iquitos. Picaridin based repellants are less toxic but generally more effective then DEET. You can also bring a natural blend of essential oils such as Tea Tree, Citronella, Geranium, etc. Bring enough for putting both on your skin and maybe also on the outside of your clothes. Avoid Permethrin which is highly toxic.
    • Mosquito bite treatment: We recommend Peppermint Essential Oil as the best natural treatment for mosquito bites. A more sharp, pungent smelling oil is more effective than a gentle peppermint oil.
    • Zip lock bags: are a great item to have with you in the jungle, to keep anything perishable, or to put wet stuff into until you can get some washing done (which is available at the centre). Bring a few each of various sizes: Also if you are bringing a laptop or other electronic equipment, we recommend keeping it in a zip lock bag with a few moisture remover satchels (like found in vitamin pill jars), or a few rice grains to help absorb any moisture.
    • A small flash light: preferably with different power settings, so you can use a softer setting for getting around during ceremony, and a stronger setting while walking around outside at night.
    • A small quick drying towel: there are towels at the centre, but it’s nice to have an extra.
    • Toiletries & other supplies:
      • Hand sanitizer – for your journey. We will provide regulator approved hand sanitizer for use during your stay at Caya Shobo.
      • Soap, shampoo & conditioner – preferably natural, sulfate-free, environmentally friendly
      • Natural deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc
      • Ear plugs & eye mask
      • Cleansing wipes, tissues
      • A small 1st aid kit – polysporin, a few bandaids in case of small cuts, a small pair of scissors and tweezers. Tylenol/Paracetamol
      • Sunglasses – cheap ones, so you're not disappointed if they get lost or broken
      • A small sewing kit – with needle and thread
      • BIC lighter or similar
    • What not to bring: Makeup. Jewelry. Alpha-hydroxy skin products (mosquitos love them). Very valuable things.


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