Visionary Art Retreat

with Luis Tamani

May 12-22, 2018, US$1500

Explore the universe, energy and patterns of the Amazonian spiritual realms and open the doorways to expression of your more elevated self with expert guidance from one of Peru's favorite visionary artists

  • Luis Tamani creates exquisitely finely detailed paintings that powerfully convey his connection with the Amazonian medicine world and his philosophies of love with an ancient, soulful, elegance and superb potency.

  • He has exhibited his works throughout South America, Europe and the US and is increasingly becoming recognized as one of the best visionary painters of our time.

  • Luis is also an excellent art teacher, patient and kind, and able to guide even the most novice of artists in developing your hand and eye in connection with your heart, inner vision and with mother nature.

  • His work may be seen online:

Our highly experienced Shipibo Maestros Arturo Izquierdo and Maricela Rios Inuma will help you with your healing process and to access your higher visionary states with up to 7 strong Ayahuasca ceremonies and Master Plant Dieta. 

All skill levels are welcome to join this exciting journey of personal, spiritual and artistic discovery.

Cost is US$1500 (50% deposit required to secure your reservation). Price includes:

  • 10 nights accommodation & meals (under dieta restrictions)

  • Up to 7 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • Healing treatment diagnosis and consultations with high level Shipibo Maestros

  • Dieta plants, flower baths, daily sinus flush and eye cleanse

  • Wi-fi internet (in common areas)

  • Laundry service

  • Translation support

  • Use of a simple painting easel

Not included:

  • Flights

  • Art supplies. Some materials are available for purchase

  • Airport/Hotel Transfers (available for fee of US$10 each way)

  • Massage/body-work (available for fee of 100soles or $30 pr hr)

* Please note:

  • Confirmation of your stay at Caya Shobo is conditional upon review of your medical situation, and may be subject to preliminary psychological evaluation. More serious healing cases may require a unique treatment and support plan or in some cases may not be able to be treated at Caya Shobo.  Please Enquire to discuss options for your particular healing needs. 

  • It is necessary to follow certain food restrictions during the time you are participating in Ayahuasca Ceremony and while taking prescribed Dieta Plants, as well as certain restrictions regarding social behaviour and private relationships. Read our Preparation & Integration page for more information. 

  • Women in menstruation are not able to participate in Ayahuasca Ceremony. During the first 2 days of your moon-time you will will be asked to take rest from Ceremony and focus on connecting with your Dieta plants in quiet meditation.

Coshikox Shipibo Konibo Xetebo Council Logo

Caya Shobo is one of the only Ayahuasca Healing Centers in Peru to have received endorsement from the Shipibo Konibo Tribal Council as to the authenticity of our maestros and medicine offering in accordance with the true Shipibo plant medicine tradition.

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