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– Immerse in deep, restorative healing in the heart of the Amazon –


Caya Shobo offers intensive Ayahuasca healing retreats and personalized plant dieta and medicine treatments in accordance with the true Shipibo healing tradition, at our beautiful Amazonian rainforest sanctuary near Iquitos, Peru.

The Shipibo-Conibo Tribal Council has officially endorsed Caya Shobo for the authenticity and expertise of our Master Onánya Healers and for the quality of our in-house brewed Ayahausca and other plant medicine preparations.

Our team of experienced western facilitators carries extensive knowledge of genuine Amazonian shamanic plant medicine, especially Shipibo Master Plant Dieta healing, which infuses every aspect of our service and care.

We welcome you to experience the extraordinary healing power of Ayahuasca and the master Amazonian medicine plants in the ancient way of the esteemed Shipibo tribal healers.



Personalized Master Plant Dieta Healing

We deliver transformative and sustained healing with Ayahuasca & Plant Dieta in the way of the true Shipibo plant medicine tradition. Our highly skilled Shipibo maestros and expert facilitators provide an unequaled level of guidance and support as you undergo a deep transformational healing of body, mind, heart, and soul.

Caya Shobo's intensive 9 and 12 day Ayahuasca retreat programs provide each guest with a personalized plant medicine treatment plan.

A variety of Amazonian plant medicine therapies, including Master Plant Dieta, flower baths, herbal infusions, and other treatments are specially chosen to suit your unique physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing needs and interest.

Our 9-day retreats include 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies and our 12-day retreats include 8 Ayahuasca ceremonies, giving you the opportunity to safely experience Ayahuasca and the remarkably beautiful healing icaros (songs) of some of Peru's most experienced and respected master Shipibo healers.

Our carefully selected team of facilitators, all with strong expertise in Shipibo Master Plant Dieta provide dedicated care, guidance and translation support in every ceremony and throughout your retreat. With sensitivity to the complex nature of Shipibo shamanic healing, we create a safe container for you to confidently enter a deep personal process.

Retreats are limited to a maximum of 12 participants, with a generous ratio of facilitators and maestros to guest numbers, thus ensuring attentive, responsible care. Private accommodation is in one of 5 jungle tambos or in one of 7 spacious standard rooms (each with their own bathroom).

Integration support is available both during and after the retreat, so you may continue to harness the healing benefits and bring greater wellness and harmony into your life at home.

Delicious and varied dieta-friendly meals, wi-fi service, laundry and regular room cleaning are all part of our standard service.

Massage therapists, an in-house store with perfumes and mapacho tobacco, plus visiting artisans provide opportunities to supplement your retreat experience for small additional cost.


JULY 22 – AUGUST 3, 2024 – FULL, join waitlist
AUGUST 12 – 24, 2024 – a few spots open
SEPTEMBER 16 – 28, 2024 – a few spots open

These Plant Dieta retreats will be attended by some of our favorite Shipibo maestros such as Arturo Izquierdo, Walter Martinez and beloved Shipiba maestras Lucinda Mahua, Dominga Valles and Maricela Rios Inuma, and supported by experienced facilitators from the Caya Shobo community.

Read more about Ayahuasca Retreats at Caya Shobo.

Or attend a complimentary Ayahuasca and Dieta Retreat Information Session on Zoom.

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Prospective guests sometimes ask if we offer any retreat options shorter than the 12-day plant dieta retreats described above.

Caya Shobo focuses on providing deep healing with the powerful Shipibo healing tradition of master plant dieta. This process takes time to set up and deliver its results and over the years we've found that a 12-day retreat is the minimum required time for guests to experience a real shift in their state of mind, body and soul through the dieta process.

We therefore no longer accommodate shorter stay requests, as we found that it can be somewhat disruptive to the healing process of the rest of the guests who are in an intensive dieta treatment, and also does not allow us to deliver meaningful results to those staying for only a few days.

Ayahuasca alone offers some healing benefit, but with plant dieta we know we can really help improve people's lives in a sustainable way. This work is our focus and our mission.

Read more about the different healing results of master plant dieta vs Ayahuasca.


Retreat program dates are now confirmed for 2023 and we are asking all new guests to choose one of the 12-day retreats listed above. However, for experienced visitors wanting to extend their stay beyond the regular 12-day retreat period, we will have limited facilitation support available for some days in-between scheduled retreats.

Please enquire for more information about this flexible option. We will do our best to accommodate your visit and let you know pricing and other details.

– The Shipibo Plant Medicine Tradition –

A living cultural treasure from the ancient Amazonian world

The Shipibo healing tradition is a sacred body of shamanic knowledge that has been developed over thousands of years of generational learning. It encompasses extensive technical expertise for working safely and effectively with Ayahuasca and many other powerful Amazonian medicinal plants. And it embodies an immense respect and honor for the spiritual wisdom within nature. These understandings are employed holistically to restore health and wellness to people and communities.

Today, thanks to the generosity of the Shipibo tribal people and the efforts of dedicated westerners to bridge these vastly different cultures, the wisdom mysteries and curative powers of Amazonian plant medicine are available to all.

Caya Shobo is committed to facilitating this important healing work which is so urgently needed in the world today. We deeply honor both the native Shipibo people and the ancient knowledge they bring, as well as provide our profound respect and compassionate care to each individual in search of healing, spiritual understanding and supportive community.

– Our Shipibo Maestro & Maestra Onañyas –

After many years of working with Maestro shamans of different Amazonian cultures and traditions, we feel very fortunate to have found the special Shipibo Maestro and Maestra Onánya healers who generously share their plant medicine expertise, knowledge and energy with us at Caya Shobo today.

In the Shipibo tradition, the healing ability of each Onánya is a sacred treasure developed over years of discipline and personal sacrifice. We hereby extend our gratitude and admiration to our beloved Shipibo friends, broadly esteemed as some of Peru's best skilled and most knowledgeable shamanic healers.

Maricela Rios Inuma

Walter Martinez

Arturo Izquierdo

Lucinda Mahua Campos

Read more about the remarkable capabilities of our lead shamanic healers and learn about the other Shipibo Onányas that we frequently work with by visiting Our Maestros & Maestras page.

- What Guests Say about Staying at Caya Shobo -

  • Caya Shobo is the only place in Peru I will go for ayahuasca. It is the real deal. The staff and owners are dedicated to healing and know what they’re doing. They understand deeply how the medicine works and have genuine and honorable relationships with the Shipibo people. I was very well taken care of and the facilities are excellent and beautifully maintained. The food is delicious and the staff were very kind and attentive to all my needs during my stay. Amazing place and people. Highly recommend.

    Felicia, Alaska
  • If you are serious about healing and learning with plant medicine this is the place to go. Caya Shobo is a center with high integrity that focuses on helming and learning through their strong medicine, powerful and friendly curanderos and knowledgeable western staff that will support you in whichever way you need. I have stayed here twice for a retreat and am planning on many more visits. You cannot express what happens here with words, lets just say it is transformational, mind blowing and hard work at the same time.

      The food is amazing and fresh, it is so beautiful to work with your personal jungle plants, once prescribed for your healing and freshly prepared every day, flower baths and the beautiful community that gathers here year round. I completely trust the people that run this centre and have witnessed them deal with difficult situations a multitude of times in very professional ways. This place is safe, warm, transformational and beautiful in every way. Can’t think of a better environment for personal work. I look forward to my next visit!

    Franziska, BC, CANADA
  • I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD a couple years ago due to childhood trauma, addiction and a lot of other trauma along the way.

      Thanks to the Maestros at Caya Shobo I have had life changing results and have found peace in places I never thought possible.

  • I have now been to Caya Shobo twice, both for very intensive extended retreats. Once in Jan, and again in Dec of 2019.

      Words can’t even describe how amazing each process and experience was for me. The level of care and attention that goes in to each and every person there was over and above what I expected. My time there was valued and respected, and I was always made to feel there was someone available to help me go through whatever I needed too, whenever I needed to. I felt very safe, both physically and emotionally while in the hands of the staff and volunteers at the center. From the moment you arrive at the center, it becomes clear that the experience of the guest is the priority of EVERYONE working at Caya Shobo…I strongly recommend this center to anyone serious about a deep experience, not only with the medicine of ayahuasca, but into the very nature of yourself, your spirit, your mind and body, and your place in this world.

    Michael, Calgary, Canada
  • I can not speak highly enough of my experience at Caya Shobo. My experiences with the ceremonies were beyond my imagination. The Maestros/Maestras were the most beautiful, caring individuals I have ever met. Their thoughtfulness, compassion and genuine effort to do their utmost best came through in every ceremony, night after night. The work they did with me was humbling and life changing.

      The staff were always friendly and very accommodating. The set up and organization was done well. The accommodations were basic but everything kept very clean and well maintained. The food again was simple, but it was inline with the type of food that would give the participants the best results for the reason that we were here…to experience Ayahuasca at its fullest in the jungle. I can not say enough great things about these people, they have become my family and I am humbled by their friendships.

    Tom B, Canada
  • Choosing Caya Shobo was a wonderful decision. If you feel called to work with Ayahuasca and plant medicine and want to give yourself the greatest gift you could imagine, of truly investing in your own healing then I highly recommend Caya Shobo, especially to experience a dieta. My experience was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I came during a time of transition amidst a bout of acute fatigue and other ongoing chronic struggles, including 20 years of ongoing depression and anxiety. I was hoping to breakthrough into new ground and get to the core of what was going on (mind, body, emotions, spirit), and that definitely happened.

      When I returned home I felt so much lighter, as though I was no longer carrying around the heaviness and weight I had come to know. If you choose to engage in this work, I recommend a willingness to embrace not knowing, as the reaches of the ensuing transformation are deep, wide and potentially completely restructuring.

      Real healing happens at Caya Shobo!

    Arin, USA
  • I can confidently say my 2 week stay at Caya Shobo has been the most profound experience I’ve had in my life.  Each ceremony was incredible and transformational for me. I am in awe and really thankful for the maestros. They were very compassionate and caring with each of us. Their plant and spiritual knowledge amazed me.  I also had a profound experience with the plant dieta. In combination with Ayahuasca, the dieta helped me to calm my mind, become more present and connect my soul and heart.

      Everyone at Caya Shobo is incredible. The facilitators were very helpful to me before and during my stay. They were friendly and very open to chat with. The staff is great too. All I have are words of appreciation for them. I felt very safe and taken care of, as all I had to worry about was my own healing. I definitely recommend Caya Shobo – the quality of the medicine, the knowledge and experience of the maestros, and the love and care of staff and facilitators is unique and worth living.

    Frida, Mexico
  • Dear Caya Shobo Team! I would like to thank you from the deep of my heart for your kindness, care, attention and succesful healing done during my stay. The words will never explain what you have done for me. During my stay with you I felt both at home and at school, working on my internal issues. Guys, you are real Pros. You have set up a perfect healing center where you have implemented both shamanic tradition together with hospitality in all aspects!

      Love you! I will obviously come back again and recommend you to my fellows!

    Artom, Russia
  • The wisdom healing practice which takes place at Caya Shobo is deeply rooted in the way of the Shipibo, who likely carry the oldest tradition of Ayahuasca use on the planet today. The Shipibo are the Masters of the plants; and the Maestros and Maestras who work at Caya Shobo are the highest carriers of medicine and wisdom of any human beings I have witnessed by far. I had experienced six Ayahuasca ceremonies beforehand, but upon opening plant dieta at Caya Shobo my experience with Ayahuasca and my understanding of the world of the plants and my relationship to them immediately underwent a radical transformation. This was on a level beyond anything I’d experienced by any entheogen in my entire life. The incredibly skilled and dedicated shipibo Maestros and Maestras at Caya Shobo was nothing short of miraculous and life changing.

    Freddie, California
  • My stay at Caya Shobo has been extremely beneficial. My body and mind feel so cleansed and strong after the ceremonies and the plant dietas. I feel re-invigorated and optimistic about returning to my family life. Thank you so much to Maestros Walter, Rafael and Arturo for your knowledge, your commitment, your amazing songs and your generous gifts of love and healing energy. Thank you for helping me find the courage to enter my traumas and start to claim my heart’s freedom.

      Thanks also to the staff for creating such a beautiful, peaceful place to heal and grow. The gardens are so lovely, especially under the gorgeous night sky, the food was good, the room was fine, the flower baths were wonderful. I also felt very well supported by the facilitators in processing my experiences and my dreams. You are all very kind, sweet people.

      I highly recommend Caya Shobo as a wonderful place to undergo profound healing.

    Laura, Teacher, Canada
  • A short note of praise to Caya Shobo. I have been twice to this centre in the last two years for plant dieta, which is an important part of my healing path. As a retired combat soldier, I have had a lot of healing to do. :] . Don Walter, Don Francisco, Arturo, and Donna Maricela. Such beautiful people, that work so hard, so gently.

      There are many places to experience the medicine. Very few that have the Maestros to do strong healing work like at Caya Shobo. I will be back, to sit with my friends, and find even more beauty in myself.

    Doug, A man finding the music
  • If you are in the path of transformation and healing Caya Shobo will be good for you. I had the honour to be here working with the Maestro healers in a really safe and comfortable place where I received all the support and guidance for me to transform, heal and learn about this path.

      If you are looking to heal and learn about this great work, this is the place to be. The location, services, food, translation and the experience that these people offer is of the highest quality. I personally recommend Caya Shobo.  There are many other healing centers.  This is one of the best. Trust your intuition. Many blessings on your path.

    Masha, Designer, Russia
  • I highly recommend Caya Shobo to evolve in your healing. The Maestro shamans who work here and their families are humble, warm and friendly people. My experience has been profound and deeply transformative. At the end of the day, it was a healing process very difficult to enter most of the time, and to have staff and a group like this around me, supporting me, allowed me to feel safe and confident during my journey.

      This place feels more like home than anywhere in the world for me. I had other experiences deep in the jungle with different shamans that left me with a feeling of paranoia and fear. If it wasn’t for the Maestros here, the apprentices and the support of the staff, I don’t think I would have come so far in my healing. Thank you to all at Caya Shobo!

    Stephanie, California, USA
  • I am deeply grateful for the work done during my 15-day stay at Caya Shobo. The work of the Maestros gradually breathed into me a real empathy for everything that lives and exists on this earth. The ceremonies were sometimes delicate to manage, but each time it was to better clean my thoughts or emotions. And I realize now, these experiences have opened my heart, my body and my mind to a better connection with the energies of life and nature.

      I think I understand better now the secret of the Fox for the little Prince: one sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.

    Patrick, Island of Oleron
  • I stayed at Caya Shobo in February 2018. It was beautiful. I experienced a lot of resistance in the beginning, taking myself outside everything I knew, but through the retreat process I can truthfully say I experienced so many gifts and massive shifts! I am so grateful for the facilitators, other members of the retreat, and all the curanderos and workers. Everyone at the centre is so warm, open and compassionate. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to live so close to the wild land; to unwind, decompress… And re-ground; re-connect to Gaia, to feel nurtured in her arms. I also loved the Shipibo traditions and being immersed in their ancient herbalism knowledge, reestablishing my connection to the plant world. Every night I was carried to sleep by the sounds of the jungle and the heat and humidity completely cleansed my skin. I also enjoyed having a roommate. The food was so nourishing. Leaving Caya Shobo was bittersweet, but since coming back home I have opened up so many new perspectives in all aspects of my life. I now have a new fire in my heart, one that had been diminishing over time, and a new found love for life. Infinite gratitude

    Dawn Lyon

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Caya Shobo is one of the few Western-owned Ayahuasca healing centers to have received endorsement from Coshikox (the Shipibo Konibo Xetebo Tribal Council) as to the authenticity of our maestros and medicine offering in accordance with the true Shipibo traditions. (Coshikox is the only defined ICCA leadership body for the Shipibo tribal people).


Caya Shobo also supports the Shipibo women's sewing association Tetai Nomabo which serves to celebrate and preserve the artisanal heritage of the Shipibo tribal culture while supporting Shipibo families with sustainable income. Our in-house textile arts store showcases a beautiful array of works created by women from this association. 

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