Women’s Retreat

- Women's Retreat: 12-Day Ayahuasca & Plant Dieta Retreat Nov 14-26, 2022 -

Two of our favourite Maestras: Lucinda and Maricela

Two of our favourite Maestras at Caya Shobo: Lucinda and Maricela

We are very happy to announce this transformational Sacred Plant Medicine for Women healing retreat at Caya Shobo. Guided by our highly experienced Shipiba Maestras, and supported by Caya Shobo’s experienced female facilitators, this retreat is often attributed by our women guests as the one which delivers the most profound impact on their healing.

Women supporting women

As female owners, we understand first hand the difficulties and stresses many women face every day in family, relationships, and business.

This retreat, delivers an exceptional healing experience providing professional care to women in a way which cannot be compared to other centres.

We offer women an opportunity to safely come together with other women who are interested in exploring plant medicine healing with advanced Shipiba maestras. To receive kind and deeply nourishing support from female facilitators who hold an unequaled depth of experience with Shipibo plant dieta healing. The Caya Shobo facility also offers the comfort, security and excellent service ethic of a Western-run center.

Women drawn to work with the medicine are often looking for help to clear past experiences of trauma, ’soul loss’, abuse of power and various other life stresses and health conditions. Now more-so than ever we believe women need to be empowered, especially to claim their opportunity to heal, and to receive the loving support of other women in the process.

We know that it is essential for our guests to be held in a safe environment while working with powerful plant medicines to explore the roots of deeper issues that may be holding them back in work, health or otherwise.

Safe and secure

Caya Shobo prides itself on providing this type of healing space for our guests and we will continue to work with the best female Maestras available.

Sitting in ceremony in a ‘women only’ sacred space also allows our guests to relax and heal on an entirely different level than when men are allowed.

However time to time we also include powerful male Maestros during this retreat to allow women to receive a nurturing healing energy from the masculine; something which may be missing in their experience.

Female solo travellers welcome.

Suitable for all female solo travellers and women’s groups (of any age) what makes this particular retreat so powerful is the feeling of being nurtured and cared for. You will experience what it feels like to be involved in a loving sisterhood; to be supported by women instead of feeling disconnected.

We can assist make your entire retreat experience seamless. For instance, if you don’t want to deal with making your own way there, we can arrange direct pickup from the airport to bring you straight to the centre.

About Caya Shobo

Caya Shobo is one of the few western operated Shipibo Ayahuasca Centers in the world to have been endorsed by the Shipibo Conibo Tribal Council as to the quality and authenticity of our master healers (Onányas). Our Ayahuasca and plant dieta healing treatments are delivered in accordance with the Shipibo plant medicine healing tradition.

Master Curanderos / Onañya Healers

The Master Onañya healers we work with at Caya Shobo possess significant experience, power and knowledge in the Shipibo medicine path. In particular, working with master plant dieta for healing and learning.

Our Maestras and Maestros usually have a minimum of 15- 20 years experience working with the medicine; with many of them natives from the jungles of Iquitos or Pucallpa.

Personally tailored dietas

In this special retreat, the Maestras open a personally prescribed master plant dieta for each woman according to her particular healing needs and intentions. For example ‘Madre Marosa’ for self love; ‘Ajo Sacha’ to expel negative energies, heal inflammation in the body and teach healthy boundaries; ’Bobinsana’ to develop vision and resilience, and heal the female reproductive system; or ‘Pinon Blanco’ to treat the psyche and open connection with the cosmic world, and with the light.

Receive profound support for healing of traumas and sadness, liberate and strengthen your spirit, deepen your connection with yourself and the master teacher plants.

Bobinsana is one of the master plants used to help women heal reproductive issues

Lucinda, who started her first learning dieta at just four months old, brings an incredible amount of knowledge, beauty and nurturing energy during ceremonies . With the insights and knowledge gathered from over fifty years of dietas; her powerful Icaros invoke compassion, a sense of oneness, feelings of being at ‘home, as well as the sensation of being embraced in the calm flow of life.

Powerful healing Icaros

During seven Ayahuasca ceremonies, the Maestras will transmit their knowledge and power through their Icaros (healing songs) to clean your mind and body as well as to help heal traumas and sadness.

Each ceremony will help liberate and strengthen your spirit while deepening your connection with the plants and the energetic power of mother earth. 

Flower bath treatments

You will also receive daily plant medicine treatments in the form of flower baths, and other cleansing and invigorating plant therapies.

And you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to participate in group and personal discussions with the Maestras and facilitators throughout your stay. You will receive guidance around your healing process and begin to learn about the Shipibo healing tradition, as well as being given guidelines to follow upon returning home.

Maestra Marisela in Caya Shobo garden

Maricela opened her first dieta at 13 years old, struggling with serious health issues led her to working with and understanding the healing power of the medicine

WOMEN’S HEALING RETREAT (12 nights): US$2,450 cost, includes:





Other features:

Daily plant treatments: Dieta plants, flower baths, sinus flush and eye cleanse, calming teas

Discussion groups, 1:1 consultations with Maestras, tour of the medicine gardens, other sweet shared activities

Quality “dieta-friendly" meals, and special food requirements readily attended to

Wi-fi internet (in common areas), Laundry service

Translation support (English, Spanish, Russian)

Not included:

Flights, transport to/from the center


All experience levels are welcome to join this exciting journey of personal, spiritual and medicinal discovery.


Please note:

$2450 price is in shared Standard Room or Jungle Tambo. Four Jungle Tambos available for US$2650

Confirmation of your stay at Caya Shobo is conditional upon review of your medical situation, and may be subject to preliminary psychological evaluation. Serious healing cases may require a unique treatment and support plan or may not be able to be treated at Caya Shobo. Please Enquire to discuss options for your particular healing needs.

It is necessary to follow certain food restrictions during the time you are participating in Women’s ayahuasca retreat Ceremony and while taking prescribed Dieta Plants, as well as certain restrictions regarding social behaviour and private relationships. Read our Preparation & Integration page for more information.

Limitations on ceremony attendance

Women in the first days of menstruation are not able to participate in Ayahuasca Ceremony. During the first two days of your moon-time you will will be asked to take rest from ceremony and focus on connecting with your Dieta plants in quiet meditation.​ If your flow has significantly diminished by day three, you may return to ceremony. Please ask if you have questions about this restriction.